Waxes, Polishes, Glazes & Surface Prep Bars

The BEST professional car wax available used by hundreds of new and used car dealerships and detail shops and thousands of meticuous auto owners. Our car wax products provides long-lasting, paint-perfecting, swirl-removing vehicle finishes Our car waxes, glazes and polishes have been perfected over 25 plus years of research, testing and product development to handle any detailed waxing job, large or small.

Our polishes are formulated with aluminum oxide instead of the standard abrasive that has been used for years in the industry. Using aluminum oxide in combination with the heat created by a high speed buffer allows the aluminum oxide to break down into smaller and smaller particles. This process removes the paint scratches and swirl marks, leaving the surface clear and ready for wax application to create a long lasting mirror finish.

Use the following steps to achieve that high-gloss finish on your vehicle:

1. Use one of our Surface Preparation Clay Bars (heavy, medium or light cut).

2. Inspect paint for any scratches or micro-abrasion.

3. If paint has any scratches or micro-abrasion, select the proper foam pad(Final Finish, Light Cut, Medium Cut, Heavy Cut) from our selection of buffing pads and depending on the severity of the surface marks, apply one of our paint perfecting polishes with a high speed buffer or orbital polisher.

4. Finish with one of our professional, easy on-easy off car waxes.

You’ll see professional results every time! You will find everything you need in our products below!