KM-30 Concentrate Degreaser


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KM-30 is a bright purple, super active, strong cleaner and degreaser that removes grease, oil and grime from engines, tires, floors, metal under carriages and concrete.

KM-30 is water soluble and designed to be more concentrated and can be diluted up to 4 parts to 1.

KM-30 is recommended for Professional Use Only and safety glasses and gloves should be worn when using.

Avoid use on painted surfaces.

To Use KM-30:

For light cleaning, dilute 200 to 400 parts water.

For normal cleaning, dilute 15 to 30 parts water.

For heavy cleaning, dilute 4 to 1 parts water.

Using trigger hand sprayer, spray on and do not allow product to remain more than 1 minute.  Rinse immediately with water.



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